Endgame Director Dreams About MCU Wolverine Actor

The Avengers is currently on semi-hiatus in the Marvel Cinematic Universe following their last epic adventure in Avengers: Endgame 2019. However, that leaves room for other classic MCU teams like the upcoming X-Men, which should feature some of the best characters from the previous films. such as Cyclops, Storm, and especially Wolverine.

Despite the rampant fan cast for most Marvel mutants ahead of their MCU debuts, hardly anyone has been more popular than James Logan after 17 years of Hugh Jackman’s extensive journey in Fox’s X-Men saga. With Jackman now officially retiring from the role, despite the potential he could return in a cameo capacity, Marvel has the tough task of reimagining a new version of the clawed anti-hero.

Now, two of Marvel’s most successful directors have shared their ideas on who should wear the claws and mutton, showing off one of their most frequent MCU collaborators in recent years.

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Russos Choose Their Cast for Wolverine

In a Comicbook interview, speaking with Brandon Davis on the Phase Zero Podcast, Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo discussed the idea of ​​working with Captain America star Chris Evans again.

When asked who they’d like to see Evans play, considering it has to be a different character from the Multiverse, Joe Russo quickly responded with “Wolverine.” Noting how much distance and physicality Evans uses with his work, Russo is intrigued by how different Wolverine is from Cap and how he would like to see Evans change direction in that way:

Why Did Russo Want Chris Evans as Wolverine?

While Chris Evans would have been content to leave his role as Captain America in the past, he’s recently opened up about the idea of ​​revisiting the MCU in another way. He teased how much fun it would be to be Johnny Storm in his version of the Fox Fantastic Four films, adding the character through the Multiverse after Marvel brought in more otherworldly characters in Doctor Strange 2.

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Even with two Marvel characters under his belt, Joe Russo saw a lot of potentials for Evans to bring a unique take on James Logan after Hugh Jackman’s appearances in nearly a dozen separate films. Evans has the same feel when it comes to size, only being as tall as Jackman, and he was shown in other films that he can portray a brusque and brooding personality in the same way that Wolverine does.

It seems highly unlikely that Evans will actually take on a Marvel role he hasn’t done before, especially as Marvel is working to bring its own version of the X-Men to the big screen at some point. But with the Russo brothers bringing the idea out publicly, anything is possible.

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