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The Princess Bride Remake Trailer Introduces Sophie Turner as Westley

The new trailer for The Princess Bride remake introduces Sophie Turner as Westley. Quibi will begin releasing chapters of a light-hearted Princess Bride remake that sees various Hollywood stars recreate the film’s famous scenes from their own homes.

Notably, celebrity couple Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas will gender swap roles, as Turner will play Westley while Jonas plays Buttercup.

The Trailer

Yesterday, Vanity Fair posted a trailer for The Princess Bride remake on their Instagram, with one of the clips being that of Turner and Jonas recreating the famous fire swamp scene when Buttercup and Westley are attacked by “ROUSes”  or Rodents of Unusual Size.

Only this time, instead of a giant Rat, Turner and Jonas’ dog (with a neck pillow) is the vicious monster. The clip perfectly captures the fun vibe of this remake, with DIY costumes, slight changes to dialogue, and of course, Turner rolling their dog onto the low budget post-production fire.

Turner seems to capture the charm and spirit of Westley, and both her and Jonas look like they’re having a lot of fun, especially with Jonas incorporating the line “oh sh-t,” which is certainly not in the 1987 installment.

As seen in the other clips in the trailer, Turner and Jonas are not the only ones playing Buttercup and Westley, as other stars such as Common and Tiffany Haddish will also play the popular pair.

As seen in the video, this Princess Bride remake is all in good fun and is a charitable project supporting the World Central Kitchen. So not only should fans of the original enjoy the stars recreating scenes, they should be aware to not take this remake of The Princess Bride too seriously.

So, what do you all think about this guys?

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