Other Avengers References Cut in Ms. Marvel Revealed

Ms. Marvel’s first season may be over, but the fun is only just beginning for its titular main character. Iman Vellani’s Kamala Kahn took the world by storm when she debuted on Disney+ earlier this summer, with fans falling in love with the young Canadian actress’s take on the newest Marvel hero.

Kamala is set to next show up in 2023’s The Marvels and, after that, who knows what is in store for Jersey City’s biggest Avengers fan? Looking back at her Disney+ debut, fans have a lot to gush about.

But as always with these sorts of things, there are bound to be some regrets, and one of the creatives behind Ms. Marvel has spoken out about what they would have changed if they could.

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The Ms. Marvel Post-Mortem

Speaking with SyFy, Ms. Marvel head writer and executive producer Bisha K Ali broke down her regrets from the first season of the super-powered Disney+ series.

Ali explained that plenty of material had to hit the cutting room floor, but one of the biggest threads had to do with Kamala’s final stand against the Department of Damage Control. She told SyFy that the high school was not always the location of the climatic confrontation, making mention of “a whole thread about it being a community center” and weaving in a deeper “story about gentrification:”

Plus, if a second season of the series is in fact coming, there is always the chance to pick up what was left over from Kamala Kahn’s debut adventure and tie it into a potential second batch of episodes. Ms. Marvel is available to stream now on Disney+.

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