This Guy Almost Played Spider-Man Before Tom Holland

Ms. Marvel’s show appeared in six episodes and gave its fans many surprises and extraordinary service. A new story and cast are presented to us, following Kamala Khan, played by Iman Vellani, and others who become a new part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There are many interesting facts about the MCU, and it turns out that serial actor Ms. Marvel (2022) auditioned to become the MCU’s Spider-Man. Maybe some of the people who have been following this in the past already know, but for those who don’t, this will be a fun fact.

Ms. Marvel Actor Almost Got Spider-Man

When a new version of the live-action Spider-Man film was announced a few years ago, Marvel fans were excited to see who the man would be playing the character. The Marvel superhero of a million has finally returned to his comic studio.

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But regardless of his happiness. At the same time, we are also curious about the actor who will play the third live-action Spider-Man. And in the end, we learn that British actor Tom Holland (The Impossible) made it into Spider-Man.

The person we’re talking about here is Matt Lintz. Of course, at that time, Holland had to compete with many actors his age who also auditioned for the same. And apparently, in the audition, there were many names of teenage actors who were already top at that time or had just become top at this time.

Now one of the top actors auditioning for the MCU Spider-Man is serial actor Ms. Marvel, Matt Lintz (Kill the Messenger, Pixels). The Lintz we know today was actor Bruno in the MCU Disney Plus superhero series.

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Lintz himself revealed this revelation in a recent interview with Insider. So, according to actor Ms. This Marvel, he once auditioned for the role of Spider-Man in the MCU even though he was at the top of Marvel Studios’ hit list.

When Marvel Studios finally chose Tom Holland, Lintz didn’t feel resentful, resentful, let alone a grudge. In fact, according to him, now everything seems to be spinning. Because in the end, despite failing to become Spider-Man, now he’s back in the MCU again, right?

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