X-Men Reboot Will Take So Long, MCU Director Explains

With Marvel almost halfway through the project announced for Phase 4, fans still have one big question where are the mutants? With Disney-Fox merging well in the past, fans were eagerly awaiting news of the X-Men’s return to the big screen, with Marvel failing to respond. A reboot is almost certainly in the works, but any information available about its progress or timing is closely guarded.

While no official plans have been revealed, that hasn’t stopped the many mutant-related temptations to enter the MCU. The recent Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is perhaps the best example of this, featuring not only the deleted X-Men characters, hints of the upcoming X-Men ’97 animated series, and glimpses of the famous X-Men. . locations, but also a real-life mutant in the form of Professor X Patrick Stewart.

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Bigger cameos and theories, such as those teasing Storm’s appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder or the presence of real mutants in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have been proven wrong, demonstrating Marvel’s reluctance to fully show their cards when it comes to the future of mutantkind. at MCU.

For fans of the X-Men character set, this omission is proving frustrating, especially considering the last official news about the future of the MCU mutants came a year ago. However, talent from the upper echelons of the Marvel universe has recently opened up about the matter, sharing why exactly Kevin Feige might be so hesitant to plant the seeds for the emergence of mutantkind.

Speaking with AP Entertainment about a possible future in the MCU, directors Joe and Anthony Russo discussed Marvel’s approach to the X-Men.

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In addition to sharing their general excitement over the X-Men characters, Joe Russo revealed why Feige et al. “correctly ruled out” the Mutants to give Marvel Studios more room to “introduce some new characters” to the MCU:

With the MCU balancing so many storylines today (Thunderbolt like Dark Avengers, Skrull infiltration in Secret Invasion, and a number of Multiversal offenses), it makes sense that the timing wasn’t right for the X-Men to make their grand appearance. The seeds are slowly being sown, with bigger plans likely in the works.

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