How to Make a Fake Phone Number

Surely many people want to create an account but are always asked for a verification code, even though they don’t have a cellphone number, right? Take it easy because, in this article, Wowkia will tell you how to fix it. Curious how? If so, let’s follow the explanation on how to make a fake phone number below.

Before following the method below, Wowkia would like to convey that the numbers to be generated will come from various countries. If there are countries that are not in this app, don’t worry, since in the future they will add many more countries.

How to Make a Fake Phone Number

If you all understand what cellphone numbers we will make, here’s how to make a fake cellphone number with Telos application. Actually, many applications can do things like this, but in my opinion, there is no best application besides Telos.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

For additional information, you can do this method indefinitely as long as you have an account to register the application.

  1. Install Telos on Play Store

    First, open the Play Store and look for Telos application. After finding it, please install the application and Open it.Instruction Photo for Creating Fake Phone Number 1

  2. Sign Up

    When you have opened the application, register your account by selecting Sign UpInstruction Photo for Creating Fake Phone Number 2

  3. Sign Up With Email, Facebook or Phone

    Here you will get three options to register, via Email, Facebook, or a phone number (optional)Instruction Photo for Creating Fake Phone Number 3

  4. Get a Phone Number From?

    Choose which country you want your phone number to be. But I recommend the United States here.Instruction Photo for Creating Fake Phone Number 4

  5. Choose Phone Number

    After you select the country you want, enter the 3 digit number in the column provided. You can follow me if you want.Instruction Photo for Creating Fake Phone Number 5

  6. Free Trial For 3 Days

    If you have the right number, choose Free Trial for 3 Days. But if you want to spend money, choose paid ones and done. You guys have finished creating fake phone numbers.

    Anyway, if you have selected a trial, you will still be asked to subscribe and just accept it because Wowkia has a way to delete the subscription later.Instruction Photo for Creating Fake Phone Number 6

As Wowkia promises, it is elementary to unsubscribe from this service. You only need to open the Play Store> Select Three Lines> Subscribe> Telos> Scroll Down and Cancel Subscription> Reason for choosing> Cancel Subscription. That’s how you delete the subscription, easy.

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