AMC Movie Theaters Push Reopening After Tenet & Mulan Delays

Following the delays of movies like Tenet and Mulan, AMC Theatres has officially pushed back its official reopening date. Movie theaters across the globe have been closed since as early as February because of the coronavirus pandemic, and as a result, the 2020 box office is in shambles. In the United States, theaters have been closed since March, and for the most part, they remain that way. A handful of locations have reopened in various states, but with coronavirus cases continuing to rise in the US, most major chains have exercised caution in planning their reopening plans. Cinemark opened their theaters on June 19, and Regal is aiming for July 10. AMC initially planned to reopen on July 15, just in time to start showing new releases.

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Now Deadline reports AMC has officially moved its reopening to July 30. 450 locations will open their doors on that day, with the rest of the 600 theaters gradually opening up as part of a phased plan. This will also extend to AMC’s international locations. This new date of July 30 will allow AMC to be open for those smaller films like Unhinged (which is scheduled for July 31) as they wait for the August movies. AMC’s CEO Adam Aron said this in a statement:

We continue to devote extraordinary resources into our plan to operate our theatres with a hyper commitment to the safety and health of our guests and associates, notably in the United States through our new AMC Safe & Clean initiative. Our theatre general managers across the U.S. started working full time again today and are back in their theatres gearing up to get their buildings fully ready just a few weeks from now for moviegoers. That happy day, when we can welcome guests back into most of our U.S. theatres, will be Thursday, July 30″.

So, what do you all think about this guys?

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