Tommy Elliot Finally Becoming Hush!

Thomas Elliot has already been a presence on Batwoman, played by Gabriel Mann in a pair of episodes that saw him turn to super-villainy and wind up locked up in Arkham Asylum.

As the show’s debut season nears its end, it looks like audiences will get to see Elliot don his signature bandages and adopt his famous comic book moniker of “Hush.”

Finally Becoming Hush

The trailer for episode 18, “A Secret Kept From All the Rest,” puts the spotlight on Tommy, who covers his disfigured face with hospital bandages and dons a pair of silver-colored silenced handguns, looking like a comics-accurate version of Hush.

The episode will see him face-off against Batwoman as both characters search for an item that will allow them to decipher Lucius Fox’s journal, which is written in an otherwise foolproof code.

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The Episode’s Air Date

Tommy Elliot & Kate Kane | Entertainment Weekly

“A Secret Kept From All the Rest” airs on May 10, and only one episode will remain, the season finale, “O, Mouse!” The season was initially expected to run for several more episodes, but the Covid-19 pandemic caused production to shut down early.

It remains to be seen if “O, Mouse!” will be altered to have a more grandiose finality or if the remaining scripts for Season 1 will be carried over to Season 2.

Sister shows The Flash and Supergirl have been similarly affected by Coronavirus. Still, fans can rest easy knowing that all Arrowverse shows have been renewed for another season, except for Arrow, which ended its run earlier this year.

So are you one of those who already can’t wait to watch this episode? And is Hush, your favorite Batman villain of all time?

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