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7 Best Valheim Weapons and How to Craft Them

best valheim weapons list

Valheim does have the same gameplay as other survival games. Besides building and crafting, you also can fight against creatures of chaos and ancient enemies. So, the developer prepares the weapon for the player.

Between all of it, of course, there are the best Valheim weapons. So, we’ll talk about that in this article. Also, we will tell you what materials needed to make them. Let’s check it out!

7 Best Valheim Weapons

1. Valheim Crude Bow

best valheim weapons crude bow
Crude Bow | Iron Gate AB

Do you need a ranged weapon? You can choose Crude Bow. It is the best bow in Valheim now. You don’t even need to game too far to make this weapon. Valheim Crude bow will make you able to fight against stronger enemies without putting you at risk.

The Materials Needed:

  • 10 Wood
  • 8 Leather Scraps
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2. Valheim Stagbreaker

best valheim weapons stagbreaker
Stagbreaker | Iron Gate AB

For the melee weapon, Valheim Stagbreaker, the giant two-handed hammer, is the powerful weapon in Valheim. It is just like a lite of Mjolnir, Odin’s weapon. Even Stagbreaker has slow attack speed, you can put massive damage to the opponent.

In order to make this weapon, you need to find many core wood. The item will get to be on pine trees in the Black Forest biome.

The Materials Needed:

  • 20 Core Wood
  • 5 Deer Trophies
  • 2 Leather Scraps

3. Valheim Abyssal Harpoon

best valheim weapons abyssal razor
Abyssal Razor | Iron Gate AB

We have told about two weapon before, a melee and ranged. So, it is Harpoon’s time. The weapon is used for a specific job, including to kill a sea serpent.

Maybe you also can use a bow, but you can’t drag it. Therefore, using the Abyssal Harpoon is the best way. After you drag the creatures to the snore, you can hit them with a melee weapon.

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The materials:

  • 8 Fine wood
  • 30 Chitin
  • 3 Leather Scraps

4. Valheim Abyssal Razor

best valheim weapons abyssal harpoon
Abyssal Harpoon | Iron Gate AB

Next, the best Valheim weapon is Abyssal Razor. It is one of the knives in the game. This razor has more advantages like faster attack speed than Stagbreaker.

Also, the weapon has the effect of multiplying for damage if you backstab the enemy, especially when the opponent doesn’t notice you. You see that you can play like assassins.

The materials:

  • 4 Fine wood
  • 20 Chitin
  • 2 Leather Scraps

5. Valheim Draugr Fang

best valheim weapons draugr fang
Draugr Fang | Iron Gate AB

Making a bow when you play Valheim is necessary. Crude Bow is a perfect choice, but over time, you need a more powerful Bow to kill the boss.

We recommend you to make Draugr Fang. It has big damage and poisonous. You can hit the enemy easily because it is more accurate than other bows. In order to make this bow, you have to make more effort. You can check the recipe below.

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The materials:

  • 10 ancient bark
  • 20 silver
  • 2 deer hide
  • 10 guck

6. Valheim Porcupine

best valheim weapons porcupine
Porcupine | Iron Gate AB

Craving more massacres? You can use Valheim Porcupine. The spiked weapon is so deadly to equip. For the heavy weapon, your movement will get slower. But,you won’t worry about the damage, because it deals blunt and piercing damage at the same time.

To make this best Valheim weapon, you need to gather many materials. Several of them only spawn in the Plains biome.

The materials:

  • 5 fine wood
  • 20 iron
  • 5 needles
  • 10 linen thread

7. Valheim Frostner

best valheim weapons frostner
Frostner | Iron Gate AB

The last of our best Valheim weapons are The Frostner. It is an axe type of weapon that gives blunt damage, frost damage, and spirits damage.

Between all the weapons we talking about, the Frostner is the harder weapon to make. You need to find Haldor (Valheim Trader ) in the game. He is located somewhere in the black forest. Here are the materials:

  • 10 ancient bark
  • 30 silver
  • 5 Ymir flesh
  • 5 freeze gland
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Well, that is the best Valheim Weapon and the ingredient to craft them. If you are looking for other tips for this game, you can check Valheim guides and tutorials.