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FUZE Announces Retro Coding Competition

Recently, FUZE Team has announced a retro programming competition with very attractive prizes for the participants, including publishing their games on the Nintendo Switch platform.

With this competition, the FUZE Team hopes that program makers will get more courage to participate in this Retro Coding Competition to improve their performance in programming.

FUZE Announces Retro Coding Competition
Retro Coding Competition | Game Rant

There are several categories in this competition, from the best original game ideas to the best visual FX. This will certainly be one of the things that greatly influence the points earned by the participants.

Apart from this category, FUZE also said that there are also other categories. They include making old games new and challenging players to take established mechanics from classic games and modernize them in some way.

Of course, the participants still have to respect the copyright of the game that the mechanic will take. So that no problems will occur here, such as claiming game rights, etc.

VIDEO: FUZE Announces Retro Coding Competition

Apart from that, in this Retro Coding Competition, there will be several fairly well-known judges, such as Jeff Minter, Eugene Jarvis, and Oliver. They are the programmers of the best classic game ever for some people, namely Defender.

As for the dates related to the Retro Coding Competition, it will open until April 30, 2021. So, for those who want to take part in this competition, you should immediately tell FUZE. So that that you can get various attractive prizes, such as release your game on Nintendo Switch.

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