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TSM Albralelie Explain Horizon Ruined Apex Legends Game

As we know, Horizon, one of the Apex Legends characters, is very difficult to beat in the game because this character has tactical and ultimate abilities and movements that are difficult to know.

Because of this, many Apex Legends game players have complained about this character to Respawn Entertainment as the developer of the Apex Legends game. After getting various complaints, the developer finally nerfed Horizon, which reduced his tactical and ultimate abilities.

Horizon Ruined Apex Legends Game
Horizon Ruined Apex Legends Game | Dexerto

However, since the nerf done by Respawn Entertainment to Horizon, this character has become difficult to play and is not even at all equal to other characters, such as Wraith, Octane, and the like.

As Wowkia said before, this could happen because Respawn Entertainment nerfed this character. So, with Horizon tactical and ultimate nerf, she is not worth playing. Mainly because of his tactical, which took too long to go out and ride for a long time.

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Returning to the main topic, top 100 Apex Legends players, TSM Albralelie, expressed his opinion about this character. In the stream, Albralelie describes the character as “Spinning in the sky like a ballerina dripping Spit Fire. This means that the character uses his tactical battle while shooting at people with the Spit Fire weapon above.

Faide Say Horizon Ruined Apex Legends

In fact, Faide, a YouTuber who has excellent movements in the Apex Legends game, also agrees with Albralelie’s opinion. However, because Horizon has nerfed from Respawn Entertainment, this opinion is no longer needed. Also, as the Horizon main, I hate it when Respawn Entertainment nerfs her.

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