4 New MCU Supervillains Revealed in She-Hulk

The upcoming Disney Plus MCU series shows are still evolving, one of which will be coming soon is She-Hulk introducing a replacement for Bruce Banner in the future. Marvel Studios is bringing new superheroes and supervillains to the game thanks to She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, coming to Disney+ in the next few weeks.

After the official trailer was released, new promotional short videos of She-Hulk were still coming one by one, and the one that got the most attention was about bringing back Daredevil with Charlie Cox. After the confirmation scene came, the new TV spot for the show also revealed a new super villain on display.

MCU Super Villains Featured in She-Hulk

A new TV spot for Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law gives a look at the four new supervillains who will play a role in the series.

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All of these villains gather around Emil Blonsky’s Tim Roth in his human form, as he leads what appears to be a support group for a reformed supervillain. While he was confirmed to turn into an Abomination at another point during the show, he remained calm in the group as he said, “That’s not how we deal with our problems.”

Super Villain Revealed

El Aguila is seen in a rather extravagant maurader-style outfit, paying a kind of homage to the 20th-century vigilante Zorro as he did in the comics. The character is a recurring foe of Luke Cage and Danny Rand, who first appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist #58 (August 1979) and is known as one of Marvel Comics’ lesser known mutants.

Starting out as Daredevil’s antagonist in Daredevil #78-79 (July–August 1971), Man-Bull transforms into a humanoid bull as a result of an experimental serum, granting him incredible strength, endurance, and speed. He has only appeared in comics a few times during the 21st century, most recently in Punisher War Journal #13-15 (January – March 2008).

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The venue also put Porcupine into the spotlight after rumors pointed to the character appearing in several forms during She-Hulk in May 2022. He created the hedgehog-inspired battle suit after becoming a weapons designer for the U.S. Army, after starting his journey in comics in Tales. to Astonish #48 (July 1963) when he used the suit to make an incredible fortune.

Only made a few comic appearances after debuting in The Punisher Vol. 2, #22 (August 1989), the Saracens are known as mercenaries around the world who hijack ships and airplanes which have earned them the label of terrorists. He is mostly related as the antagonist of the Punisher, having met Frank Castle on several occasions while engaged in the same job as a mercenary.

Regardless of the details, She-Hulk looks set to open the gates for heroes and villains to make their MCU debuts, even with other big names like Daredevil already in the mix. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will begin streaming on Disney+ on Thursday, August 18.

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