With These Hint, Do Agents of SHIELD Canon to The MCU?

There’s a lot of homework that Kevin Feige has to handle in the right way, like how they can introduce another superhero who hasn’t been teased before. While Marvel Studios continues to tackle each new project, other things keep coming, too, about the past part.

Many fans still don’t know the connection between all of the MCU and several series, such as Daredevil which was produced by Netflix and also about Agent of SHIELD which was produced by ABC Studios.

In order to find an absolute answer, Kevin Feige often gets a lot of questions about this. But he just avoided these things and still made a big hole for it. Many viewers can still assume this is part of the Multiverse, meaning the Agent of the Shield show.

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Ms. Marvel Actress Seduces Agent from SHIELD Canon

Recently, the cast of Kamala Khan gave feedback on the debate over the status of Agent of SHIELD, whether or not canon for the MCU. The text he typed really made Marvel fans happy who also loved Agent of SHIELD. Iman Vellani gave a simple response when he asked “isn’t everything canon now?”

Then, he also replied that he had finished watching the show and said that everything deserved to happen. You can see it based on this Reddit response:

Agents Of Shield Canon To The Mcu 1
Agents Of Shield Canon To The Mcu 2
Agents Of Shield Canon To The Mcu 3

However, that doesn’t mean the canon actually happened because Kevin Feige hasn’t confirmed it yet. But a lot of the surprises happen just like that or earlier, and what’s fresh is when the MCU faked fans about the Kamala Khan gene. But based on Iman Vellani’s statement, we can assume that the canon means it can happen using the Multiverse.

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Whatever the case, Agents of SHIELD is now streaming on Disney+, as are six episodes of Ms. Marvel.

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