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Disney’s Hercules Live-Action Adaptation WON’T Be Shot Per Shot Original Remake

In such early stages of development of Disney’s Hercules (1997) live-action adaptation, there is indeed, no definitive information regarding casting, release date, or even a script yet released.

But still, the Russo Brothers managed to tease a few details in a recent interview, such as their desire to include some of the original musical numbers from the iconic soundtrack.

The pair are developing the project as producers and not slated to direct. That could change as the film enters production. Undoubtedly, cast rumors will fly until the studio or producers announce the official roster.

Won’t Be “Copy-Paste” Shot Per Shot

As if that tease wasn’t enough, during their recent interview with Colliderthey shared their preliminary thoughts on the project.

The pair pitched their interpretation to Disney after a string of successful Blockbusters, which probably made the studios more comfortable signing off. The brother’s company AGBO will produce the film.

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When asked their intentions, the team stressed the desire to be original,

We’re going to give you a different story. I think we’ll do something that’s in the vein of the original and inspired by it, but we also bring some new elements to the table.” The brothers are adept at taking existing material and adding a unique twist, as proven by their multiple successful forays into the MCU.

Will It Be Successful?

Hercules Zeus Hera1
Zeus & Hera |ScreenRant

But yeah man, despite that ambitious visions, will the visions later on, can turn into a DAMN high profit?

Moreover, like we already DAMN aware, by 2020, some fans were vocal with their “remake-fatigue,” but Disney Studios shows no sign of slowing down, with more than a dozen live-action Disney project in the current works at various stages of production.

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Fans already felt tired given the fact that, for theses past 1-2 years, the films have leaned more into carbon copies of their animated original, offering little to advance the story that audiences already knew & loved. The perfect example of that is the live-action adaptation of The Lion King (2019).

Well, let’s just hope with now the Russo Brothers on the navigation room, Hercules live-action adaptation will indeed, not just yet another “copy-paste, shot per shot remake. But yeah let’s just wait & see OK? So now, what do you think regarding this matter?

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