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Dwayne Johnson & Emily Blunt Re-Team in Superhero Flick

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are set to share the screen after Jungle Cruise, appearing in a movie adaptation of the comic Ball & Chain.

Despite the varied titles they’ve both appeared in, and in spite of the fact that they’re both known for playing larger than life protagonists, Johnson and Blunt are both relative newcomers to the comic book adaptations that have dominated the entertainment industry.

Johnson’s turn as Black Adam won’t be seen until the end of 2021, while Blunt has turned down opportunities to portray Agent Peggy Carter and Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Johnson & Blunt Finally in a Comic Book Superhero Flick

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Ball And Chain Movie Dwayne Johnson Emily Blunt |Tanzania – Global News

But now, their superhero dream are coming true in this Scott Lobdell, Ale Garza and Richard Bennett’s comic book adaptation.

The two actors are set to play a bickering couple that receive superpowers, except their abilities can only work if they learn to put aside their differences and operate as a team.

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Emily V. Gordon, who co-wrote the screenplay of The Big Sick with Kumail Nanjiani, will pen the script. Several studios are interested in the adaptation, and it’s reported that Netflix could be the destination for it.

Had Been Considered to be Adapted Since 1999

Ball & Chain Comic Book |MyComicShop

Ball & Chain, which was released in 1999, has been considered for adaptations before. It was in the works as a TV movie. Ball & Chain was also filmed for a Fox pilot that never aired.

Consisting of four parts, the comic focused on a struggling married couple that are about to throw in the towel when a mysterious meteor grants the bickering partners extraordinary abilities.

News of the potential project has been good for the 1990s comic, which is currently available for $52 on eBay. According to Bleeding Cool, it had been selling for a dollar or less prior to the story of Johnson and Blunt coming onboard to portray the sparring spouses.

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Ball & Chain Comic Book |View Comic

Nothing is official as of yet. But, if the Ball & Chain adaptation does move forward, it’s easy to see that Hollywood might have a new franchise if it proves successful. It could lead to sequels, spin-offs, television anthologies focused on other couples.

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The tone could also vary. The basic idea seems fairly family-friendly, though the narrative could also be depicted with a bit of an edge. Either way, Johnson and Blunt are great options to carry the project forward.

So in other words here, stay tune on Wowkia, for the further update regarding this project OK?

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