First Look Photo of Ms. Marvel Will Return in Next MCU Movie

The end of Ms. Marvel at Disney Plus left fans with a shock when Carol Danvers was confirmed to be a Cameo there. What’s more, at the end Kalama Khan is also revealed as a new race in the MCU, and it gives goosebumps when Mutants are teased by him.

In addition to Kamala Khan being introduced as a Mutant, at least for now, fans are also asking about the bracelet that Kamala has. In the comics, Kamala Khan has ties to the Kree as well as the Inhumans as an origin based on the original source. And it didn’t take long, the first appearance of Kamala Khan’s next appearance was revealed.

First Look at Ms. Marvel at the Captain Marvel Filming Location

Iman Vellani who plays Kamala Khan really gets the biggest portion for the next MCU project, this character also has a big impact on the superhero group called Young Avengers. Despite his inhuman origins in the comics, it seems that his future with Marvel Studios may have a different path in mind for the character.

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While the post-credits on the final episode confirmed the relationship between Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel, leaks about The Marvels that brought them both began to be revealed.

Now with the end of Ms. Marvel has gone live, there’s no better time to go back to November 2021, when some of the only photos set to come out of The Marvel leaked online.

The pictures show Ms. Marvel in a new costume, in an unknown alien location. Iman Vellani, Kamala Khan herself, was also seen standing next to a Kree soldier.

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Well, one clue could be the Kree connection. The first bracelet, which Kamala wore on her wrist, was originally found on the blue arm, which was most likely a dead Kree.

But given all this Kree plot twist, what does that have to do with the character’s newly revealed gene mutation? Could Marvel be preparing to combine the mythical Inhumans and mutants in some way? Will the Kree be the creators of mutants in the MCU instead of the Inhumans like in the comics?

Needless to say, the end of Ms. Marvel is almost certain to double the excitement for next year’s The Marvels, which releases on July 28, 2023.

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