Is Anthony Starr as Wolverine in the MCU Version?

After all that has happened to the X-Men home productions, we can assume the MCU will be bringing new people into the many X-Men character roles, one of the most popular being Wolverine previously played by Hugh Jackman.

This character is one of the most popular characters for Marvel fans but being from the X-Men is dealing with handling differences with the MCU. Wolverine will debut in the MCU along with the rest of the X-Men in the years to come. During all the progress that starts now to develop the X-Men.

Anthony Starr as Wolverine in MCU, Fan Casting

Fans are very familiar with the man who played Wolverine before, but after 17 incredible years of Hugh Jackman running as James Logan this should change, but maybe he’s still like how Professor X appeared himself in the oldest version.

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Since the acquisition, many fans have hoped that the person will play Wolverine in the MCU version. Former Harry Potter lead Daniel Radcliffe has repeatedly responded to fans using him as James Logan, as has Taron Egerton after his impressive work in films such as the Rocketman and Kingman series.

New things have just been revealed about fans finding a suitable person to be Wolverine. For example, Instagram user @spdrmnkyxxiii shared a fan-made image of The Boys star Anthony Starr as Wolverine from Marvel Studios. He also shared a caption praising Starr’s work in Season 3 of The Boys, noting how he “had the meat (mutton)” to do the role well:

Anthony Starr As Wolverine In Mcu 1

Afterward, Starr responded to this fan casting in the comments with nearly a dozen “laughing” emoji images, noting how he felt pain just imagining the kind of stunt he had to do:

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If we look at it as a look based on a fan poster, this fits well and how he’s also a bit like Hugh Jackman. This should make it a potential listing for the job, but based on the comments, what do you think?

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