Is the Agent Carter Series Connected to Endgame?

New things are revealed about the clues for the Agent Carter Series Connected to the MCU. But this is not fully confirmed for that, just a hint of help by one player. As we know, the last ending shows Steve Rogers picking things he shouldn’t have chosen.

The final shot of The Infinity Saga features Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers and Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter, two of the franchise’s most influential characters, finally receiving a happy ending. And this is also what makes fans crazy about their own theories and hopes.

It also creates a new branch timeline even if it is only slightly larger. One theory from fans is about the connection between the Captain Carter series and the action chosen by Steve Rogers in Endgame.

About Agent Carter Series Connected

We also get a lot of stories about Carter’s different fates, starting from being captured in the Loki series, then becoming Captain America and becoming the First Avenger in the What If series. Last but not least in the second Doctor Strange movie when he also became the first Avenger but died an easy way.

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About Peggy Carter as Cameo in Avengers: Endgame, the actress who plays the character reveals, or is just a hint. This should leave fans feeling at least a little bit of a cure for those confused about whether Endgame will connect to the Captain Carter series or not.

Hayley Atwell made an appearance at Awesome Con 2022, and she was also asked about those things after the events of Endgame. The Fandom Spotlite YouTube channel has released the footage, and Atwell seems to have big ideas for Cap and Peggy, “assuming Endgame is canon.”

In the video, you can follow along and find a time when he talks about it in response to a request. Atwell has been the proud owner of the Peggy Carter fandom since his debut in 2011. It also makes us think that he would love to play the character again, to be Captain America again, or any role.

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The MCU is able to explore the story of the two Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers. Based on when Chris Evans also enjoyed playing Steve again recently. But that movie or show seems more like a sequel, continuation, or retelling of the Steve Rogers story. Not Peggy Carter’s.

Well, what do you think as a true Captain America fan, are you ready to get another theory for this and can wait any day? Like their grief, being able to do this all day.

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