Moon Knight VFX Artist Responds To Jake Lockley’s Costume Theory

There’s a lot to delight in when it comes to Oscar Isaac’s debut as Marc Spector in the Disney+ series Moon Knight, but at the top of the list is the character’s mysterious third persona.

While Jake Lockley is only teased throughout the show, he finally gets his reveal right in the closing moments of the first season finale.

From the looks of it, the new guy in town seems a bit more ruthless and brutal than Steven or Marc which goes hand in hand with what viewers saw in the third and sixth episodes.

Jake Lockley and the Idea

While Lockley is only really seen at the end, Spector’s third personality is teased quite often throughout the series, even unintentionally on many occasions. Some of the greatest examples of this trope are the aftermath of the horrific battles mentioned above and the unopened third sarcophagus glimpsed in an asylum.

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Some fans thought they might have noticed another hint of Lockley in the show’s title sequence at the end of each installment. When the Moon Knight costume changes to the Mr. suit. Knight, some viewers theorize that Jake’s unique outfit can be seen at a glance. Unfortunately, it seems that never happened.

In an interview with Before and After, VFX artists Doug Appleton and Seji Anderson spoke to the outlet about their work on Moon Knight’s final title credits.

When asked about how the glowing eyes from the costume came about, Anderson, art director at VFX Futures, noted how it’s a “definite addition,” and that the idea of ​​an eye-opener is almost like this feeling. character awakening.

Many viewers will be thrilled when Jake’s story can finally be told. While the title sequence may not hint at his costumes in the recent series, when he arrives in more prominent ways, he will almost certainly have his own costume as Mr. Knight and Moon Knight both have their own looks.

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If Moon Knight costume designer Meghan Kasperlik has something to say about it, she’ll be wearing a black armored suit from some of the character’s newest comic series. Needless to say, most fans will really like it. Hopefully, he’s back on screen sooner rather than later. Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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