Mark Ruffalo Throws Shade at Star Wars While Defending the MCU

Between the CGI, runtimes, and so-called “woke” culture, Marvel Studios has been facing more criticism than ever going into Phase 4. As franchise storytelling continues to become ever more popular, the MCU is always being compared to other major franchises such as the DCEU and Star Wars.

The fan base has become gradually more divided on all the latest projects and that extends throughout the industry, with much of Hollywood’s top talent offering divided opinions. Many particularly praise the variety the MCU offers in terms of genres, style, and characters.

Now, one of the MCU’s biggest stars has offered his own thoughts on how the MCU sizes up against the competition.

Mark Ruffalo Compares Marvel and Star Wars

Speaking with Metro about She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo addressed whether Marvel Studios is releasing too much content, throwing shade at the Star Wars franchise in the process.

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Ruffalo defended how Marvel lets its talent “recreate each piece to their own style, their likeness,” while Star Wars always tends to have a similar feeling of being “in that same kind of world.”

Star Wars may cover many characters, eras, and cultures, but ultimately, everything tends to fall under the sci-fi umbrella with a similar tone. Marvel on the other hand, similarly explores a wide variety of subjects, but does so under different genres with varying tones as each director is free to approach things in their own way.

This distinction comes from the fact that Star Wars was always built as one franchise and has since seen many spin-offs under Disney. The MCU is a cinematic universe filled with many franchises, each of which requires a varying tone to properly reflect its subject – this is what has allowed the franchise to continue for so long and release so much content while maintaining interest.

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