Marvel VFX Artist Criticizes Doctor Strange 2’s ‘Uninteresting’ Ideas

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness experienced extensive reshoots before its worldwide premiere in May 2022. Before the additional filming began, lead star Benedict Cumberbatch shared that it was all “really exciting” and that “the film [was} shaping up to be something special,” leading to more excitement building for its release.

Those sentiments were in line with what Multiverse of Madness director Sam Raimi said about the reported reshoots, with the Marvel filmmaker pointing out that it improved the sequel. America Chavez actress Xochitl Gomez also revealed that those reshoots completely changed the film’s opening sequence, with Defender Strange actually saving her rather than betraying her against the monstrous creature.

However, a new report suggests that not everyone agreed that the reshoots made the movie better.

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Marvel VFX Artist Shares Honest Doctor Strange 2 Take

An anonymous VFX supervisor who worked on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness sat down with Defector to share their criticism towards the MCU sequel.

The unnamed VFX supervisor pointed out that the “first third” of Multiverse of Madness didn’t do anything interesting, calling out director Sam Raimi to try something else.

The anonymous VFX supervisor’s honest comments about Multiverse of Madness served as an eye-opener for some fans.

The fact that the source didn’t hold back is pretty telling, and this goes to show that not everyone agrees with Marvel Studios and the creative crew’s direction for the movie. The supervisor’s remarks could be used as both a motivation and a guide for studios on what to do next with their projects.

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Still, this is a reflection of the poor working conditions that Marvel Studios has been criticized for in terms of doing VFX work for the company.

Hopefully, more Marvel stars will take a stand to finally address the non-optimal working conditions that these workers are experiencing. In turn, the quality of the movies will also improve.

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