Rumored Says New MCU Is Getting 4 Months Reshoots

With Marvel Studios’ Disney+ for 2022 largely factored in, little is known about what the MCU has in store beyond the end of the year. Included in this is Secret Invasion, which is currently very little known in terms of plot.

The upcoming Disney+ series will feature the MCU return of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos, marking the reunion of the two after 2019’s Captain Marvel. Veteran actors will join a stellar cast that includes Emilia Clarke, Kingsley Ben-Adir, and Maria Hill who returned.

Secret Invasion Filming Update

While the exact plot details of Secret Invasion are still being kept under wraps, the set photos already tease the explosive action and first-ever character interactions that will happen in the series. Back in April, reports emerged that Secret Invasion had finished filming, but in traditional Marvel fashion, fans were expecting that reshoots would eventually be scheduled.

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Based on report, a new rumor has revealed interesting details regarding the duration of Secret Invasion’s reshoots, which might sound worrying if seen in person.

The Long Reshoot of Secret Invasion

Entertainment dancer Daniel Richtman shared on his Patreon that Secret Invasion will be re-shooting for four months starting in two weeks (mid-July).

Recently, Samuel L. Jackson shared that he will be returning to the set of The Marvels for a reshoot sometime in August, while also confirming that there is still work to be done for Secret Invasion. Based on these rumors, it seems that the MCU veteran will start doing reshoots for the Disney+ series first before finally taking part in additional shooting for the sequel led by Brie Larson.

Why Did Secret Invasion Reshoot Take So Long?

The four-month reshoot timeline for any production isn’t ideal. This length of time is usually used by one of the Disney+ Marvel series to record their entire show, which may sound worrying to some. However, there may be an explanation for this extremely long filming schedule.

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If this report is entirely true, it is possible that the additional filming duration reported by Richtman could also shed light on the time that will be spent on The Marvels, due to the fact that Secret Invasion and Captain Marvel 2 are closely linked to each other and filmed together in the same place last year. then.

It’s also possible that Marvel will have to make the reshoots of Secret Invasion take this long to account for the various actors’ busy schedules. Emilia Clarke will star in the 11-week West End drama starting June 29, so may not be able to commit to reshoots during this time. Meanwhile, Warner Bros.’ Barbie is shooting, so Kingsley Ben-Adir is probably busy shooting for the project. Therefore, Marvel Studios may have to set aside four months just for the sake of logistics.

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On the other hand, if the rumors are true and the four-month reshoots have been locked down, the likely reason is the ongoing war involving Russia and Ukraine. Given that Russia appears to be a significant place for the Secret Invasion, it is possible that the main location of the show will be changed from Russia to another country. As a result, long timelines will be required to re-record most scenes.

It’s unknown how Secret Invasion will connect to The Marvels, but the fact that Nick Fury will be playing a major part of both projects could hint that both projects are poised to be game-changers. Marvel Comics’ Secret Invasion crossover is changing the landscape of the comic book world by revealing surprising surprises about which characters have been the Skrulls over the years, and the Disney+ series could follow in its footsteps by featuring impressive revelations that have had a huge impact on the MCU.

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That said, a four-month reshoot could have been done to finish some scenes to help navigate a smooth transition between the two projects involved. Secret Invasion is rumored to premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2023.

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