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Doctor Strange Will Be A Horror Movie?

Did you know that Marvel initially wanted to make Doctor Strange as their first supernatural movie? The president, Kevin Feige, in fact, has said so when he launched Phase 3 of the franchise. However, so far we couldn’t find any horror side of the movies that Doctor Strange has involved.

Thus, it is a perfect time for Doctor Strange 2 to involve a horror theme. Moreover, its director, Scott Derickson, is already best known for directing horror films. Let’s mention a few big names such as The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Sinister, and Deliver Us from Evil. Derrickson is also the best to introduce such a new theme to the MCU.

A rumor saying that Nightmare will be the antagonist in Doctor Strange 2 will perfect the inclusion of the theme. Nightmare is a character who can torment someone through his dreams. A horror scenario will be suitable for the storyline. Even the inclusion of Mephisto, a demon possessing magic powers, would make the introduction of a horror story is not necessary.

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So far, we have seen a demon character, Surtur, is shown in Thor: Ragnarok. Thus, revealing such characters would not be a total strange for fans. The horror story on the other hand will provide fans a fresh idea that they are craving for.

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