Thor 4 Producers Collaborate With Writer Moon Knight?

Thor 4 Producer’s collaboration with Moon Knight is one of the things behind it. Thor: Love and Thunder will add a thrilling new story to the MCU lore, with all of the franchise’s gods facing grave danger thanks to Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher.

This comes as the second MCU project this year alone to tackle the franchise’s gods after Disney+’s Moon Knight dealt with more than one god over its six-episode run. Although the Thor and Moon Knight franchises seem to be separate from each other for the most part, their relationship with the gods is certainly interesting to see in the MCU grand scheme of things.

Chris Hemsworth’s fourth solo film will introduce new creatures like Zeus and the Mighty Thor, while Moon Knight brings Moon God Khonshu to life as he gives Marc Spector the powers of the Moon Knight.

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How Thor 4 Producers Collaborate With Moon Knight Writer

While Moon Knight and Thor 4 discussed the idea of a god, one might not imagine that there would be many clear ties to one another beyond that concept. As it turns out, Moon Knight’s chief writer, Jeremy Slater, recently revealed that this is far from the case, sharing how his team and the professionals from Thor worked side-by-side on one specific aspect of both entries.

On Playlist, Moon Knight head writer Jeremy Slater spoke and shared how the team behind Moon Knight spoke to the team that made Thor: Love and Thunder about their use of Marvel’s gods.

While Moon Knight should focus on the Egyptian side of the story, Slater insists that he and the crew “spoke broadly” with the producers of Thor: Love and Thunder. This is to ensure that both shows stay consistent with the idea and don’t conflict with anything the other party is doing with the plot and story details:

“Marvel was great about giving us our own little corner and our own little space and saying, ‘O.K., the Egyptian gods can be their own thing,’especially since we’re only seeing, I think, three of them on screen over the course of this story. But we did speak extensively with the producers of Thor: Love and Thunder just to find out what they were doing with gods in their story, to make sure that we weren’t going to be contradicting anything. At the time, all of the release dates were still up in the air, and we didn’t know if we would be coming out before Thor: Love And Thunder or following up Love And Thunder.”

So we had to make the decision early on, just to be safe, let’s give ourselves some space and let’s not reference the events of [the new movie] because we had different versions that could have served as either a lead into “Thor” or sort of dealing with the aftermath of what happens in that movie. And everyone just sort of decided, “You know what? These release dates are going to be determined by much larger factors than whatever’s happening in our show. So the safest thing to protect both of these properties is just to give them some distance.” Marvel is constantly expanding the boundaries of the MCU, and it’s getting bigger, and it’s weirder, and it’s giving us a lot more runway to tell cool stories in the future. So. I could definitely see some of these gods crossing over into other properties or showing up in other forms in future shows.

Previously, Slater had shared in an interview with The Direct that there would initially be a reference to Gorr the God Butcher in Moon Knight but it became an attempt to include it.

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Because the Marvel Cinematic Universe has maintained its interconnectivity for so long, the franchisee must ensure that finer storytelling details remain consistent from project to project over the years.

This almost certainly doesn’t mean that Marc Spector and the God of Lightning are destined to interact with each other in the future, especially with the Moon God Khonshu who had let Marc out of the deal. However, with creatures as powerful and impactful as the Marvel gods, it’s important that they all work smoothly in tandem with one another.

If you missed one, just watch it on Disney Plus, Moon Knight is now available for streaming on Disney Plus. Thor: Love and Thunder is slated to premiere in theaters on July 8.

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