New Justice League Training Photos Revealed, Snyder’s Version

A new update just revealed about the New Justice League Training Photos, it’s a version of Zack Snyder’s team that was built a few years ago. While the DCEU is in a state of flux right now thanks to the legal issues surrounding Ezra Miller and Amber Heard, the franchise still has a lot of history for die-hard fans to revisit.

Much of that stems from the team-up effort for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director’s long-awaited cut last year that gave Snyder the opportunity to deliver his full vision for DC’s ultimate superhero team.

After the 2017 Justice League theatrical cut became one of Warner Bros’ biggest fiasco, the Snyder Cut provides a glimpse into how the story should have originally played out in the interconnected DC universe.

Justice League Training Photos

More than a year after the four-hour saga arrived on HBO Max, Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League remains a hot topic among DC fans, including the Snyder Cut which won the first fan-voted award at the 2022 Academy Awards.

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It may be some time before Justice League returns to the big screen for a new canon adventure, though Snyder Cut is still a consistent presence in the DC fandom. That continues thanks to a new round of photos, turning back about seven years before the original film even started shooting.

Some of the newly uploaded images feature Zack Snyder’s Justice League cast and crew, thanks to some DC fans on Twitter. All of these photos were taken by coach and photographer Mark Twight as they trained for the original 2017 Justice League.

@snyder_all on Twitter shared a look at Superman actor Henry Cavill, taking a break beside some gym equipment while maintaining his six-pack for the big screen. Snyder has praised Cavill’s Superman for years, as Cavill made sure to give his best with the character’s look.

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Working out and staying in shape has become an important part of playing superhero roles today, as recently demonstrated by Thor stars Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman from Marvel’s side. These images just give fans a hint of how hard stars like Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are working to make their roles as good as possible and bring Superman, Batman and others into their films.

The photos also provide more inspiration as fans see Snyder himself pushing his physical limits, joining the actors in his film as he lifts weights and stays in top shape. While it’s unclear if he will return to work on other DC projects, photos like these are sure to give him great memories of the good times he had. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is now streaming on HBO Max.

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