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The Invisible Man 2: Elisabeth Moss Thinks Sequel Depends On Fan Demand

The Invisible Man star Elisabeth Moss believes a potential sequel would be warranted if fans voice their support. The Invisible Man directed by Leigh Whannell (Saw), ended up being a critical and financial success, cementing itself as the fifth highest-grossing film of 2020 before theaters closed due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, the film only lasted four weeks in theaters before moving to digital rental.

The Invisible Man gave Universal its first win in its evolving Universal Classic Monsters shared universe that has been trying to take off since 2006. Production of a remake of the 1933 horror classic, The Invisible Man began in 2006 with Johnny Depp, who was originally attached to star as the titular character. However, after failing to launch their Dark Universe, and losing an estimated $95 million at the box office with The Mummy, Universal took a different approach with The Invisible Man. The film’s low-budget and modern take on the horror classic turned into a huge success, which led many to believe a sequel could be on the horizon.

In an interview with Bloody DisgustingMoss made her opinion clear that the way of making a sequel happen would be up to the fans. She is very aware and understands the position the studio may feel they are in. Her passion for a sequel and being able to portray her character once again are clear, with Moss explaining, “Look, if people want it that’s kind of a big part of what we need in order to do it. So put the word out there that YOU want it and then I’ll help!”

As shared universes have blossomed in the past decade, Universal Studios is attempting to cut out their piece of the golden pie. Although the structure of a shared universe has been scrapped, Universal still intends to widen its plans in a different style which was made clear with The Invisible Man. Moss’ comments do have some weight behind them as Universal may be hesitant to fund a sequel, but one could make the argument that the box office success alone warrants another film. Considering the modern revival in horror films that have been occurring in the past few years, the chances of The Invisible Man getting a sequel remains visible.

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