Fan Criticism of Doctor Strange 2 Mistake Ending Scene!

Doctor Strange 2 Mistake Ending Scene turns out to have premiered even from the theater and also in the Disney Plus version of the show. The new Marvel Studios movie handled by Sam Raimi was just released on the Disney Plus streaming platform earlier, and you can all watch it again.

Rumors also reveal other details that were lost in the final cut when we saw it in the weather. New information about deleted scenes and Easter, including confirmation of the deleted scene of Mordo’s death, and the fact that the Wasp was also considered for the Illuminati. But we will talk about the last part of the final scene.

Doctor Strange 2 Mistake Ending Scene

While the digital version has just been released on the Disney Plus platform, some bugs still exist, for example, one regarding the opening action scene with Strange and Gargantos accidentally leaving the MetLife building on the NYC skyline, where the former Avengers tower was supposed to be.

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Following those things, another mistake came to the attention of fans and those who watched closely scene by scene or simply noticed it. This time it has to do with Xochitl Gomez’s America Chavez and the white portal created by him.

A report by, Reddit user u/Handsoff_1, sheds light on this when he discovers a confusing continuity error in one of the last scenes Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has uncovered. You can see by a screenshot:

Doctor Strange 2 Mistake Ending Scene
Doctor Strange 2 Mistake Ending Scene 2

You can see and probably notice when America Chavez opens the portal to meet and find Doctor Strange, but the portal he just opened shows where Kamar-Taj is. Based on his statement, it should head to the Universe where Stephen Strange is, which is called earth 838.

The question is, why did they return to that location, considering they had just left it? And then, the two of them arrived at the exact spot where Stephen Strange was.

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The most likely reason for the error is a simple error born from a script change. Merging two different versions could easily end up creating the differences seen above.

For example, it was previously revealed how at one point, Rintrah and the other Taj Chamber survivors would get involved in the final act. Perhaps in that version, after Wanda was defeated, neither Chavez nor Wong ever actually left to return to the Taj Chamber. Instead, they just took Strange on the spot.

However, this glitch could have been fixed the right way, like the nice CGI glitch scene when the Peter Parker variant was revealed in Spider-Man No Way Home. Regardless, you can watch the show on the Disney Plus platform from now on.

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