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2020 Golden Globes: JOKER Brings Two Awards Home

As the Golden Globe 2020 has ended, so many interesting things seem to happen there. For example, for the best director award was given to Sam Mendes for his creation “1971”– a war centered movie, this movie also won the biggest award of “Best Motion Picture–Drama”. The surprising and interesting fact is that this movie has not even aired worldwide. This leaves us wondering, and more curious to watch the movie. nice marketing.


The Irishman, Parasite, and Joker, on the other hand, became the center of the pre-award conversation and anticipated getting at least two awards each. And yes, that makes me really happy that the “Best Actor” award won by Joaquin Phoenix, and Joker also got the “Best Original Score” award.

It is no wonder since what we all saw in their performance, how original the storyline was and how Phoenix’s smart acts astounded all of us. If they did not get any award, it should be a shame for the event. The Film, after all, includes in the list of 25 Greatest Films of the Decade.

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Another delight surprise in the Golden Globe Award was that the “Missing Link”, one of Laika movie, won the “Best Animated Picture” award. At least, some animated film outside of Sydney has the lead. After all, regardless of how and what we speculate who’s gonna win what, Golden Globe award has ended. Thus, we should all appreciate what the results are.

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