DC Universe’s Harley Quinn Series To Air On SyFy Channel

For all of us who is DC fanboy plus, already enjoyed DC’s own streaming services, DC Universe, we all know or probably also really love Harley Quinn which premiered on November 29, 2019 and currently, on its second season.

And no wonder if we all love the show. Aside from its DAMN amazing voice-acting, the show have a very clever yet insightful writing thus, we all really enjoying to dive deep into the crazy mind’s of Joker‘s ex lover. Also, the series is very edgy in my opinion.

And with that edginess, we’re all quite certain for a while that there’s no chance in hell, Harley Quinn, will also be re-airing on “normal” TV channel. But boy oh boy, we couldn’t be more wrong.

First Season Will Air On SyFy

The reason why i said that, is because recently SyFy channel’s YouTube released the first season trailer of this show which of course, it means that Harley Quinn will be air on the aforementioned channel.

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And as you’ve seen on the trailer, Syfy will air the show by splitting it into two sessions. Specifically, the first 4 episodes will air n May 3 (11 p.m. – 1 a.m. ET/PT) and the final three on May 24 (12 a.m. – 1:30 a.m. ET/PT).

A Must See For DC Fanboy

With that announcement, even though yeah, we have watched the first season on DC Universe, but there’s no doubt if we called ourselves as a big fat DC fanboy, we MUST re-watch it.

Besides, you can also kind of see and compare later, if the whether the SyFy version is the same version or maybe, there’s slight “modification” (censor) here & there given the nature status of the network itself.

All & all this is indeed a quite unique yet very exciting move that have ever made by the streaming services. Let’s just hope the reception will be as great as its original run amen. So how do you all think about this guys?

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