Stranger Things 3 Breaks Its References Again

Stranger Things is a TV show that takes a plot of the 1980s. However, in its latest season, the show has made some references that didn’t represent that time. Some scenes refer to 1990s pop-culture, a decade forward than they’re supposed to be.

The latest inappropriate reference in Stranger Things 3 was the appearance of Grigori. This character IS inspired by the 1984 movie, The Terminator. But, his abilities and actions represent more Patrick T1000 from the second sequel of the movie which was released in 1991.

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Besides this newest inaccurate reference, Stranger Things 3 has made three same cases before. It happens even in its first episode when Dustin has an electric hammer after having a science camp. This tool, however, has not been used in any 1980s pop-culture. It is likely adapted 1998 The Simpsons’ season 10 when Homer Simpson invented the tool.

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Another scene referring to the 90s pop-culture is when Mayor Kline is giving a speech at the Fourth of July carnival. He ends his speech with an iconic Jurassic Park‘s phrase, “spared no expense“. As you know, this movie is released in 1993, again not in the 80s frame. We might realize, however, that Stranger Things has inspired heavily with the director of the movie, Steven Spielberg’s, work.

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Mayor Kline giving speech

The last breaking that Stranger Things 3 made for its own reference rule is on its alien. It refers mostly on the 1992 Alien 3. It is depicted by a scene between Nancy and the monster that similarly represents that between Ripley and the Alien Queen from that movie.

However, it is basically nothing wrong for Stranger Things 3 referring the 90s since they are mostly in-universe references. Let’s just enjoy the rich references that Stranger Things provide.

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