Will Ezra Miller Get A Replacement As The Flash?

After all that happened, the Ezra Miller Get A Replacement stuff could have happened. The difference so far looks like what has happened to its rival, Warner Bros. as the owner of the DC Extended Universe material is actually confused and has the potential for chaos in all the projects they build.

After failing miserably to tackle the old Justice League and numerous projects that ended in repeated reboots, The Flash just got the same fate. However, Warner Bros. should take appropriate action to fix it, at least give good things to fans even though it’s very difficult.

Will Ezra Miller Get A Replacement?

Many fans as well as those who have waited so long for The Flash’s solo film are very disappointed by this. What’s more, there is no longer any future for Ezra Miller to be a DCEU reset button. That is, one of the actions that must be taken by Warner Bros. is to replace Ezra Miller.

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Warner Bros. continues to face controversy after controversy – a number of unpleasant controversies stem from the DC Extended Universe. Apart from this one, there are other problems with other characters, or so to say to all the cast of Justice League. Starting at Zack Snyder has just been fired to tackle the Justice League and made the final cut a lot of hate.

But for now, we can feel calm because The Flash movie will still be released and will be the last spectacle for Ezra Miller. Reports hint that the studio is ready to cut ties with Miller following the release of The Flash next June. This would allow Warner Bros. to switch all characters and DCEU memories to fans, meaning to reset everything.

After that, fans have their own hopes for who they want to see as the Scarlet Speedster when the hero returns to the big screen in a future story.

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All names recommended for the role in the future by fans have been self-published on Twitter of them. Near the top of the list is Grant Gustin, who already has more than a decade of experience in the role.

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Another choice is Lucas Till, he has just found his way as another popular choice for Flash among fans. Along with his starring role in the CBS MacGyver reboot, he also played Alex Summer/Havoc in the first three X-Men prequel films from 2011 to 2016 for 20th Century Fox.

Then, Dylan O’Brien also earned a place in fans’ hearts after appearing as an action star in The Maze Runner trilogy. Other nominations also include Dacre Montgomery and Austin Butler.

However, the choice is difficult for Warner Bros. to determine the final cast as a substitute. But right now, The Flash is slated to hit theaters on June 23, 2023. Who do you think is the perfect fit to be Barry Allen in the DCEU?

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