Iman Vellani Ms. Marvel Biography, Age, Family, and More!

After seeing it on Disney Plus, you must already know about Iman Vellani Ms Marvel as a new MCU character. Like Xochitl Gomez who plays the character America Chavez, this one also gets the attention of a lot of people who are attracted to her as a fan or otherwise, we mean love her.

But if you are curious about him, about this cute girl who is Muslim, you need to find out more. Well, Wowkia summarizes the date of his biography, starting from his age, height, family, and more that you may need to know. It’s also a way of getting to know him too far, perhaps.

All About Iman Vellani Ms Marvel

Until now, many teenagers have played new Marvel characters, both in films and series. Iman Vellani is a great cute girl, people might like her as a new fan, at least for now, maybe fall in love with her more than a fan. It happened before, like the cast of America Chavez. What can we know about him? Here to find out.

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Iman Vellani Biography

Many things about this cute girl can see, especially things like details about hobbies, age, and everything that is revealed from herself or other media. Let’s start with the date of birth and something related to it.

Iman Vellani Age

Iman Vellani is a Pakistani Muslim Immigrant who moved to Markham, Ontario, Canada, and was born on September 3, 2002. And in case you missed it, the cast of Ms. Marvel was her debut in the professional film industry, and some sources say that her father owned a small business, while her mother was an ordinary housewife.

Iman developed an interest in the modeling and acting industry from a young age. She has also completed his studies at Unionville High School in New York. Her childhood dream was to become a successful actress in the film industry.

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Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) | Marvel Studios

To help him pursue that career, his parents went to great lengths to support him after graduating from Unionville High School. In the end, Iman and his family decided to move from Pakistan and settled in Canada. So for now, he is 20 years old and this is more related information:

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Date of Birth3 September 2022, Tuesday
Iman Vellani Age20 Years
BirthplaceKarachi, Pakistan
Zodiac SignVirgo
HometownOntario, Canada
CollegeUnionville High School
Education QualificationGraduate

As we know, this girl is still young and also has a lot of potentials to make a lot of things in the MCU going forward. That is, Ms. Marvel still has a lot of chances to earn a place in the hearts of its fans. For other specific information about him, physically mean. Iman Vellani is 167 centimeters tall and has brown eyes and the same color as her hair.

But if you are curious about his parents, the names of his father or mother are unknown for now. But regarding siblings, his brother is six years older than him and is an Engineer by profession.

Iman Vellani Favourite

In real life, Iman Vellani loves Robert John Downey Jr. as his favorite. But like the character she plays, Iman Vellani is a big fan of Marvel and Iron Man since childhood and decided to try her luck on Ms. Marvel. Iman has chosen as the last person to play Kamala Khan in the Zoom call and it was announced live by Kevin Feige. The election took place in September 2020.

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At the time she was chosen as Ms Marvel, Iman Vellani showed her entire room to Sana Amanat in the past, that person was the Co-executive Producer of the Iman Vellani Ms Marvel project. When Sana saw that, she was impressed to see Vellani’s entire room filled with Marvel posters. And that makes him look very much like Kamala Khan.

Other articles about Kamala Khan:

If you missed it too, Iman Vellani will also be cast for the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film entitled The Marvel, and of course, plays the same character as Kamala Khan and will be released on July 23, 2023. So things happen to be of what he loves.

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So at least for now, that’s all the information about him that we can know and share with each other. If you have some questions about him, or anything else, you can let us know in the column below. Make sure you share this with your friends who love Marvel especially Kamala Khan, maybe they need this.

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