Ms Marvel Is One Of The Eternals Generations? (Theory)

If you’ve finished watching Ms. Marvel’s second episode on Disney Plus, the theory Ms Marvel is Eternals made it after that, at least for some fans. Why are these things possible?

While this series has a lot between bad and good, it starts with a vibe carrying Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan and bombed reviews or something. Both episodes reveal some potential that might be a twist in the final episode or just a truth for Ms. Marvel.

About Ms Marvel is Eternals

In episode two, maybe some fans can’t guest important new people hence the show is only a few minutes, meaning only in that episode. Now, Ms. Marvel felt successful in getting love from audiences around the world when it first aired its episode until now.

Not even just the first episode of the show is full of references, but perhaps all episodes or many of them, such as tributes to the deaths of Natasha Romanoff and Iron Man, countless Marvel cosplays, and many more Captain Marvels mentioned.

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In this one episode we’re talking about, it’s clear we see Kingo from Eternals as another piece of superhero in the MCU. There are many possibilities about the origin of Ms. Marvel, and what we share here is just one of the many theories out there. It can’t be a basic thing, but just a theory that is fun by us like-minded people.

1. Kingo Is Kamala Khan Grandma Friends

Ms Marvel Is Eternals Maybe

As Kamran chats with Kamala Khan, he says an obvious reference to one of the Eternals members, Kingo. In this universe, that one has just become a Bollywood actor. And at the end of this episode, we can all find out that Kamran’s mother is something important, meaning she has power.

Using logic alone, Kamran even goes so far as to mention how his mother still has a crush on Kingo Senior, who, as Eternals reveals, is just the same old Kingo. Maybe this one isn’t just a random reference but has something to hint at what happens next.

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Not proven so far, but it could potentially hint that Kingo was part of a past generation of Ms. Marvel, or just about a major character change for Kingo in Eternals 2.

As we all know, the MCU had to change a lot about the origins and things of their characters from the comics. Maybe this one, Kamala Khan is not an Inhumans but a Gen Eternals. Because we can see from the color of the power that is similar to that of the Eternals members.

But again, this is just a theory. Perhaps the reference was a hint that Kamran’s mother had just fought alongside Kingo as a warrior in the past.

2. The Bracelet Make it By Eternals

Like the Shang Chi Bracelet, the same object also triggers Ms Marvel’s power. Perhaps as mysterious as the origin of the two, each has a connection. But for this, the MCU could come up with anything to make sense of why the bracelet should be made.

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This, is essentially just fan theory and you can be called a wild theory, can you believe it, and vice versa. Maybe you have another theory that makes more sense, just tell me in the comments column.

If the theory that says Ms Marvel is Eternals is true, would you agree or not? Haha, this could happen if the MCU really wanted to. You can share this with your friends to discuss or discuss it together.

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