Stephen Strange’s Tragic Childhood Story Concept Art Revealed

In the second Doctor Strange film, we are also shown the tragic story of Stephen Strange who made his brother die in the past. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness also opens the biggest window for the next biggest event to build on Avengers 5 and 6.

For us as viewers, get to experience crossing the Multiverse and discover a little story about another story in another universe. In the film, we also feel the joy when the superheroes are told in a different way and with different people than we have known so far.

Deleted Scenes Concept About Stephen Strange’s Sister

As we know, many rumors and valid information regarding the removal of scenes as part of Doctor Strange 2 have been revealed previously. One of them includes a new opening scene for the film with Wanda Maximoff beheading Baron Mordo from Earth-616.

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An important story as part of Stephen Strange’s journey is also about his sister who died when she was a child. It was a fact about it that was mocked by him and his variants when they first met in the shattered universe. Initially, the scenes for the part had to be shown and become part of the film.

Unfortunately, Donna, the younger sister has just been teased by the chatter she had with Sinister Strange while battling the master magician Earth 616. After the film’s release, fans are now seeing two young characters starring in the scene.

Concept artist Darrell Warner took to Instagram to share some early concept art from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The images include a young Stephen Strange, still played by Benedict Cumberbatch, in the middle of the night wearing a beanie and a long scarf.

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The photos also feature a young Donna, who was never cast for the film, as she is also wearing warm winter clothes in the moonlight.

Will fans see this moment embodied in the third Doctor Strange film unknown, especially with all the roads leading to much bigger things at the end of Phase 6 with Avengers: Secret Wars? Who knows.

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