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Venom 2 in the Hand of Andy Serkis: Will It Be Good?

The upcoming sequel of Venom (2018), Venom 2, finally gets the person to direct it. It is Andy Serkis, the well-known actor who recently turns to be a director, that is appointed by Sony to lead the movie. Sony believes that Serkis is the right person to continue the success of the movie while at the same time solving the critics received last year.

The appointment of Serkis to be the director of Venom 2 comes from THR. They reported that Serkis has met Sony to discuss the film on July 22. This news answers the speculations on who will replace the previous director Ruben Fleischer. As you know, Sony decided not to continue his involvement in the next sequel. Many negative reviews for his work is believed to be the reason, despite the success he brought.

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We probably have known that the roles will be taken by Serkis. It is because the main actor of Venom, Tom Hardy, has ever teased the Serkis’ hiring on Venom 2 on social media. Serkis himself also do the same after his official appointment. He looks enthusiastic with the job from his post on his Twitter account:

With this official appointment, Venom 2 will be Serkis’ third movie to be directed. The two previous movies are a romantic drama, Breathe (2017) and a fantasy drama, Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018). Even though these are not a superhero genre, Serkis has enough experience to play in this kind of movie. He has played the first two installments of Star Wars trilogy (2015 & 2017), War for the Planet of the Apes (2017), and Black Panther (2018). He also has played in the Lords of the Rings trilogy where he received his fame for his motion-capture performance.

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Referring to this experience, it is interesting to see how Serkis will handle Venom 2. We know that the previous Venom has received a huge success by receiving $856 million worldwide compared to its production cost of only $100 million. Do you think Sony has made the right decision for this Spider-Man villain movie? Let us know by leaving the comment below.

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