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Deadpool 3 Can Be Less “Attractive”?

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Do you follow the development of Deadpool 3? Yes, there will be another sequel for this humorous superhero movie, even though it is not listed in the MCU Phase 4. However, there is a rumor saying that this upcoming movie will lose its “nasty” attraction.

It is what the director of the movie, David Leitch, says that Deadpool 3 can work by having less inappropriate jokes for kids. As you know, one of the reasons for Deadpool‘s success is because they involve “dirty jokes”. This is what makes the movie is categorized as R-rated (restricted to under 17). That is why Leitch wants to engage more viewers from lower age. This is what he says Yahoo! Movies:

It’s [Deadpool] rated R so that’s not necessarily the [MCU] brand but he doesn’t necessarily need to be R and [Disney] don’t necessarily need to only make PG-13 movies,” he explained. “I think we’ll find a happy ground.

This idea of reducing the vulgarity in Deadpool, however, can be opposed by the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, and the president of Marvel, Kevin Feige. Yes, these two persons want to stick to the concept of the movie being R-rated. However, Leitch argues that he has talked with them and states that the discussion so far is positive, even they are still thinking.

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Leitch, however, is ready for an alternative if the presidents do not approve his idea. He will team up Deadpool with another superhero character which is not against the company’s rule. The character will likely be Blade, which will be released in the MCU Phase 4. Leitch views Blade as a good choice to accompany Wade Wilson.

Nevertheless, we might assume that this idea could be realized, referring to the existence of Once Upon A Deadpool. This is the lighter version of Deadpool 2 that is aimed for under 17 age. So, which side do you agree with? The same sense of nasty jokes or larger scope of viewers? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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