Surprising Easter Eggs in Loki Season 2 Set Revealed

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki is officially the first Marvel Studios Disney+ live-action show to be renewed for a second season, an announcement that appears as a post-credits scene at the end of Season 1. As did the cast with the show’s first six episodes. , Season 2 should include a fun Easter egg hunt along with an undisclosed plot that will advance the story.

While some of these Easter eggs tease future story points like Jonathan Majors’ He Who Remains, others come as fun nods to other characters and stories in the Marvel universe. This includes seeing Thanos-copter in Episode 5 and even a tie back to WandaVision in Episode 1, and Season 2 will have more opportunities thanks to everything that has been released since then.

More Characters Will Appear in Season 2?

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While Marvel is conducting due diligence regarding the Season 1 award odds, Season 2 is in the early stages of preparation ahead of an undisclosed release date in the near future. And thanks to some early set photos, it’s been confirmed that the next half dozen episodes will continue the Easter egg trend on several occasions.

Twitter user @LOVE1SNOTENOUGH shared a photo of the first set of Loki’s Season 2 from Marvel Studios, which is currently filming ahead of its Disney+ premiere. These photos are from near the Noel Theater in London, England. One photo shows a theater with several posters outside, both for a movie in the universe called Zaniac:

Zaniac is certainly one of Marvel’s creepiest characters, first introduced in Thor 319 from May 1982 as an entity that has multiple hosts to wreak terror and mayhem. He is even thought to have taken over the body of Jack the Ripper from Marvel, giving life to a legend that has existed for the last several centuries in the real world.

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In certain iterations of the Marvel Comics universe, Zaniac becomes a fictional monster featured in the slasher film, which appears to be in the same direction as the character Loki Season 2 is taking. Loki Season 2 is currently shooting ahead of its Disney+ debut.

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