A Cancer Plot Could Be for Thor: Love and Thunder, What Would It Be Like?

About Love and Thunder Cancer Plot, it might be something bad for fans, or something surprising for real fans. For now, that could potentially happen in the fourth Thor film. As we know from the source material, the cancer plot that we mean here is not about the storyline, but about the disease suffered by Jane Foster.

Until now, we know that Marvel Studios and Disney are mostly making new MCU series or movies that fit like comics. That’s what we can call accurate comics, even starting from the characters and what happens to them.

So, what happened to Jane Foster in the comics? Haha, ready to grieve for those of you who haven’t read it. Because this will probably be part of the sadness in this Phase, as happened in Episode 5 Moon Knight, the death of Aunt May, and others.

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Thor: Love and Thunder Cancer Plot

Back in 2019, fans were surprised when Jane Foster returned and was reintroduced into the next Thor film. Natalie Portman will also be using Thor’s father’s legendary Mjolnir.

However, as we all know that weapon was recently damaged or completely destroyed because of Hella, it somehow reunited and was usable. In the comics, Thor Jane Foster’s situation is hampered by the ominous knowledge that she is slowly dying of cancer.

Every time he raised the mythical hammer, the progress made by his chemotherapy would be reset. That’s heartbreaking, isn’t it?

The clue about that things was just revealed slowly. Previously, it was discovered, thanks to the description on the Eaglemoss replica of Mighty Thor’s helmet, that the film would be adapting the cancer storyline into a live-action setting. In a new interview with D23, Natalie Portman has teased how her character will be hiding the truth from Hemsworth’s Avenger.

“I was so excited by what Taika [Waititi], Chris [Hemsworth], and Tessa [Thompson] did in Ragnarok… it just makes you smile the whole time… [Love and Thunder] seemed like a great opportunity to revisit the character and see her expand as a Super Hero herself.”

According to the magazine, Portman noted how she was drawn to the idea of playing someone “weak because he’s strong.” The actress herself stated that “there is a superhero inside every human being who is forced to face threats head-on.” The returning MCU star is “excited for fans to see Jane go as silly and heroic as she’s never been in the MCU:”

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Will Jane Foster Rest Forever?

Everything that happened to him in the film version, the storyline about his cancer was unavoidable. Maybe this upcoming film is the end for him, or we can see that he has a serious illness.

In the comics, Jane Foster can’t use her powers on earth, because that could weaken her and cost her the rest of her life. But according to the magazine, every time she picks up the hammer, Jane loses time. There’s a lot of theory that could be going on here, but to find the real answer, make sure you’re ready to see Thor: Love and Thunder in theaters on July 8th.

Whatever your opinion about this fourth Thor film, it could be true or not. But what do you want from him, are you happy to see him for a long time?

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