MCU Fantastic Four Director and Cast Revealed in D23?

The Fantastic Four is an upcoming film that Marvel comics fans have missed since the old live-action version a few years ago. The version that is loved is the first live-action version starring Chris Evans, Jessica Alba, and also Ioan Gruffudd.

While the 2015 reboot was a flop, fans will be happy with the new version that Disney and Marvel Studios handled when they get back the license. Following this, the director and cast are still unknown, but it has only been rumored to have talked about it.

MCU Fantastic Four Director and New Cast

It has reportedly just notified the public of potential details that will be revealed at D23 2022. Based on a recent Murphy’s Multiverse report, Marvel Studios has plans to introduce a director and cast at the D23 event in 2022. The D23 or Disney 23 event will occur from September 9 to 11, 2022. The event will occur at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California, USA.

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While this report may appear legitimate, remember that this information is not 100% legit. So, in other words, let’s wait and see the upcoming updates again. But the best choice for it is SDCC 2022. But whatever happens, may the best be announced to us.

Mcu Fantastic Four Director And Cast Revealed 1

Since Disney successfully bought 20th Century Fox a few years ago, as Fantastic Four fans, we can see the emergence of the Fantastic Four superhero again. While Reed Richards was revealed in Doctor Strange 2, that doesn’t mean he actually played the character in the MCU version of Earth 616. But fans may be disappointed when the cast is replaced.

Through this sequel to Doctor Strange (2016), for the first time, we see the member and leader of the MCU version of the Fantastic Four later, Reed Richards, aka Mister Fantastic. This character is played by John Krasinksi (A Quiet Place).

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Maybe you have expectations like who your favorite fan-casting is, just talk about it in the comments column.

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