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Morbius Reshoot Ending Changes Explained

Based on the failure, this latest Marvel film from Sony also has something else, namely Morbius Reshoot Ending Changes. As is known, Sony will present many Spider-Man franchise characters for live-action adaptations, starting from introducing Morbius.

And in the last part, we get to see Adrian Toomes in the post-credits scene as Vulture, but that feels weird to fans and no change will disappoint fans. The film’s critical and box office failure made headlines instead. The first Morbius film grossed just $164 million at the box office, but it wasn’t a budget loss.

Morbius Reshoot Ending Changes

In addition to everything that happened, new details about the ending of the canceled film have surfaced. It’s about how reshoots happen there and change things that are supposed to happen. Morbius’ VFX supervisor, Joel Behrens, sat down with to talk about how the film’s reshoot significantly changed the location and direction of the ending.

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In the first context, the final battle between Morbius Jared Leto and Milo Matt Smith takes place in an underground setting. However, it seems this was not the original plan.

Behrens first discussed that his team had done “some work” on the final fight sequence that was originally set to take place in Central Park, “but not in a huge amount:”

“We had done some work on [the original scene], but not an extensive amount, because there were rumblings that they were thinking about changing the ending. So we had done some dev work and I wouldn’t say a lot of shot work on it. But we had done a little bit of dev work because it was supposed to be initially Central Park, in that field area that you saw.”

Behrens later revealed that Morbius director Daniel Espinosa decided to “go in a different direction” with the final battle because it was “a little more dramatic underground:”

“And they just decided that they wanted to go a different direction with the fight, I think [Daniel Espinosa] thought it was a bit more dramatic underground. So we had found these pictures of some of these under construction, subway tunnels that actually exist in New York. And some that have just been sitting there and never finished. And there was these just gigantic caverns with these four tunnels done at the end that each could fit the size of a subway through them.”

Another question that remains is where the scenes from the trailer are not revealed in the film, such as when the footage shows footage of Spider-Man as a killer. However, this is still in Sony Pictures, want to continue or make improvements by bringing Morbius to the cross-over.

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