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Christopher Nolan Movies Encourage Cinema-Goers To WEAR MASKS In Great Edit

An epic new fan-made video cuts together scenes from Tenet director Christopher Nolan’s previous movies to encourage audiences to wear a mask when they return to movie theaters. The issue of whether movie theaters will enforce mask-wearing came to the fore this week when AMC, the world’s largest theater chain, announced they wouldn’t force customers to wear masks in theaters when they reopen on July 15. That announcement followed a similar move from Cinemark, who said that while employees will have to put on face coverings, customers won’t.

The debate doesn’t look like it’ll die down soon with movie theaters around the world gearing up to reopen. Nolan’s upcoming summer blockbuster Tenet is set to be the first major cinema release of the post-shutdown era, and he recently defended his choice to release it in theaters, saying that it’s a a movie designed to be seen in a cinema with a big audience.

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Now, Mike Brearley, an eagle-eyed fan who lists his occupation as trailer editor on Twitter, has released a fun video cutting together scenes from Nolan’s previous movies, encouraging audiences to wear a mask when they return to the theater. The video starts with Interstellar’s Coop saying “Alright gang, let’s mask up” and goes on to intercut a series of shots of Batman, Bane, and Ducard from the Dark Knight Trilogy, Farrier from Dunkirk, as well as The Protagonist and Kenneth Branagh’s Russian villain from Tenet, all wearing or talking about putting on masks. The message is simple: “When cinemas reopen, wear a mask.” You can watch the video below.

So, what do you all think about the video guys?

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