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Namor is Perfectly Portrayed by Henry Golding


Namor, an antihero character of Marvel, has been rumored to be played by Henry Golding. Recently, an Instagram account tried to illustrate how Golding would look like as this recently most talked-about character.

Golding got his fame after playing a romantic comedy movie, Crazy Rich Asians, last year. Despite the movie is said to have its sequel in 2020, Golding seems ready to play another role, Namor, the potential villain for Black Panther 2.

Even though Black Panther 2 is not included in the latest MCU Phase 4 line up, it is in the development. This upcoming movie is predicted to put Namor as the villain based on Okoye’s report in Avengers: Endgame. She mentioned an underwater earthquake in Wakanda territory, which then many speculated caused by this underwater ruler.

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Based on this convincing rumor, Bosslogic, the well-known artist for drawing movie characters, recently posted Henry Golding in Namor suit. The picture is titled Black Panther: Two Kings. The character is depicted in full armor and weaponry as the King of Atlantis. Golding has seen the picture and left a comment, ” Imperius Rex!”

Including Namor in Black Panther 2 can be a good decision for MCU. The story in Avengers: Endgame which shows the death and departure of some characters can be a good time to introduce new ones. Moreover, showing him firstly as a supporting character makes sense. He can follow the character of T’Challa who was previously shown in Captain America: Civil War, before having its own solo movie.

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Namor is nevertheless an important character in Marvel which has been shown up since 1939. Many are waiting for him to be on the big screen. So, do you feel satisfied with the appearance of Golding as the king of the Atlantis?

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