Newly Found Mistakes in Doctor Strange 2, Avengers Tower!

The usual things when the production of a film cannot be seen with the naked eye, examples of the details displayed by the differences in buildings from scene to scene, and those things that are only part of the Mistake in Doctor Strange 2.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stark Tower is ground zero of the climactic Battle of New York in 2012’s The Avengers. From there, Tony Stark turns the building, which is in the MCU where the MetLife Building exists in real life, into the Avengers headquarters, where they live and work. in the 2015 sequel, Age of Ultron.

After the superteam relocated their headquarters to a complex in upstate NY, Avengers Tower was sold and replaced by the distinctive-looking glass-covered building first seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Then, another glitch about the same thing was done again in another MCU movie.

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Error Recording in Doctor Strange 2, the Details Have Errors

Recently, in the two New York City-based MCU projects that have been released since Far From Home, there was a noticeable error: the visual effects team forgot to use CGI to remove the real-world MetLife Building and digitally included the structures added to the Spider-Man films. The second MCU man.

One such project is Hawkeye, which is located almost entirely in Manhattan. In Episode 6 of the series, shots of the New York City skyline bring the MetLife Building into view.

The other of those two releases is a certain magic-centered sequel starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

Eagle-eyed Reddit user Electrical_Daikon771 spotted an element in Doctor Strange’s background in the Multiverse of Madness that shouldn’t be there: the MetLife building.

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During Strange and Wong’s first-half fight with the monsters known as Gargantos, visible in the distance is the famous skyscraper, which should be the tower featured in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Here’s a screencap from the Doctor Strange sequel showing the error:

Mistake In Doctor Strange 2 1
Mistake In Doctor Strange 2 2
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Then, here’s a real-world photo of the MetLife Building, which shouldn’t be in the MCU. In real life, as well as the MCU, NYC’s Grand Central Station is at the base of the MetLife building:

Mistake In Doctor Strange 2 3
Mistake In Doctor Strange 2 4

This has to be studied with Marvel Studios to adapt the details for each film as important. This isn’t the first time this glitch has been made, as MetLife builds are also featured in Hawkeye. But this little snafu extends even further.

Marvel/Netflix series like Daredevil and Luke Cage (both now on Disney+) are notorious among fans for not including Avengers Tower in many of their shows in New York City, despite the idea that they are ostensibly set in the MCU.

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The Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now available and can be watched on the Disney Plus streaming platform. Make sure you’re ready to watch if you haven’t already, just come to the Disney Plus show.

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