Oscar Isaac Regretful Over Moon Knight Deleted Scene

Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight delivered a story from Marvel Studios that explored an incredible look at its leading character’s mental battles alongside the classic action for which the MCU is known. Behind a nuanced and emotional performance from leading actor Oscar Isaac, each scene in Moon Knight provided new levels of thrills and mystery as Marc Spector and his alternate personalities evolved.

Director Mohamed Diab explained a deleted scene in Episode 6 that showed Marc and Steven coming to terms with their abusive mother, showing how both characters put their emotional past behind them in that head-on confrontation.

Recently, Isaac himself discussed a scene that he wished the team could have kept in that final episode that could have provided even more depth to Marc and Steven’s character development as well.

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Oscar Isaac on Deleted Moon Knight Moment

Speaking with Gold Derby, Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac shared his thoughts on a deleted scene that he regretted leaving out of the show’s sixth episode.

He shared details of a scene that would have more closely tied his abusive mother to the Egyptian goddess Ammit, which would have also given more depth to the “Later’s gators” phrase that Steven Grant uses. This would have shown Ammit expressing her desire to have pre-judged Marc and Steven before their entire story unfolded, adding another layer of heartbreak to the situation with their mother.:

The last two episodes of Moon Knight took the opportunity to dive into Marc Spector’s mind more so than all four previous entries, exploring the trauma that he had to deal with as a child. Even with that much exploration of his mental state, providing much-needed insight into mental health issues within this story, Oscar Isaac seemed to want to see things go even further in that direction.

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Hopefully, should a second season of Moon Knight be put into development, Marc and Steven will have that opportunity for closure in terms of the trauma that they both faced. Season 1 of Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney+.

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