Sensitive Thing About Valkyrie in Thor Movie Revealed

Marvel Studios latest blockbuster, Thor: Love and Thunder, is getting ready to hit theaters around the world. The film follows the titular God of Thunder and his friends as they face the evil Gorr. One such companion is Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson. Thompson is openly bisexual and has long said that he plays his character as bi as well.

Marvel Studios has taken small steps toward better LGBTQ+ representation in their shows and films, and while the franchise is getting better at that, the MCU is somewhat lacking in standout queer characters.

Phastos from Eternals is gay and has a husband and children, which is a step in the right direction. Plus, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) has two mothers appearing in flashback sequences. Young Chavez also wears a Pride pin on his jacket throughout the film, possibly suggesting that he is a lesbian himself, like his comic book counterpart.

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Tessa Thompson Talks About Valkyrie Sexuality

In an interview with Yahoo, Thor: Love and Thunder star Tessa Thompson opened up about making sure the film properly represents LGBTQ+ individuals, including her character Valkyrie:

The actress also talked about the fact that Vakyrie’s love life can’t be fully explored in the Love and Thunder runtime, with everything else happening in the story. But he noted that there’s been “a lot of conversation” about how Marvel Studios should treat weird characters like Valkyrie.

Will the Valkyrie Find Forward Romance?

When Love and Thunder was in production, there were rumors that the Valkyrie would spend the film looking for its queen. Fans will remember that in the final minutes of Avengers: Endgame, just before Thor takes off into space with the Guardians of the Galaxy, he will definitely appoint Valkyrie as the New King of Asgard, with Valkyire promising to “make some changes” to the seaside kingdom.

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As noted above, Tessa Thompson always plays her character as bi, whether it’s in the script or not. Many have speculated that another blonde Valkryie killed by Hela in the Ragnarok flashback sequence, was actually Thompson’s character lover.

What’s more, a sizable fanbase contingent would like to see the MCU pair Valkrie with Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Carol never shows any obvious romantic tendencies in her appearance, but has a very close relationship with Maria Rambeau. With the Valkyire rumored to be appearing in The Marvels in 2023, could this “ship” be made into canon?

However, Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters on July 8. Make sure you are ready to meet again our God of Thunder and one of equal power.

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