Sony’s Kraven Movie Confirms Drastic Departure From Spider-Man Comics

Sony Pictures’ handling of its Spider-Man properties has caused many to scratch their heads. Morbius was a disaster that became an internet joke—one which Sony clearly wasn’t in on, as it tried to capitalize on the movie’s social media meme following by re-releasing the movie into theaters. It went on to bomb a second time.

Despite the hesitancy some fans might have toward the project, it seems that the actors behind the movie seem to be feeling the direction Sony Pictures is going with everything. Ariana Debose, who will be playing Calypso in the series, previously commented on how she feels “part of something that feels like it’s taking a step in a right direction.”

Now, the film’s main star, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, has spoken out about his time filming the movie and revealed a change to the iconic character.

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Sony’s Kraven Movie Departure From the Comics

In an interview with Variety, Kraven the Hunter star Aaron Taylor-Johnson commented on his time as the character and how the film recently finished production.

Johnson described his titular villain as “one of Marvel’s most iconic, notorious anti-heroes — Spider Man’s number one rival” and noted how he found it thrilling that the character is “not an alien, or a wizard. He’s just a hunter, a human with conviction.”

It’s unknown as of now why Sony would make such a drastic change to the character, one which basically changes Kraven on a fundamental level. That said, there is a possibility the quote is missing context and being interpreted incorrectly.

Maybe that love for animals is more intense respect, which would still allow Kraven to live up to his hunting name. He’d also potentially be held to his own form of an honor system when engaging in his big game hunts.

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Hopefully, whatever the movie ends up being by the end of the day, it is a story that lives up to and remains true to Kraven’s character and legacy. Kraven the Hunter releases in theaters on January 13, 2023.

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