Captain America Actor Calls Tom Holland For Ruining Marvel’s Secrets

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of secrets, making it difficult for some stars to keep them during press interviews for movies or shows.

During the Infinity Saga, the main actors who accidentally threw out spoilers during interviews were Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland, which often caused a lot of sadness for Marvel.

Marvel newcomer Kingsley Ben-Adir, who will be debuting in Secret Invasion, even mentioned in one interview that the studio is now training its stars to avoid revealing secrets during interviews.

Chris Evans Calls Tom Holland About MCU Spoilers

Chris Evans, who plays Steve Rogers of the MCU, sat down as a guest on the D23 podcast to talk about MCU spoilers and the Marvel heroes who are his best sparring partners on screen.

When asked what the hardest MCU secret he had to keep, Evans admitted that “the hardest is always next” and “the newest,” saying that it’s a “complicated” situation. The Captain America actor then (humorously) calls out his co-stars, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland, for their notorious history of silence with Marvel secrets and spoilers:

Ruffalo and Holland have a long history of accidentally spoiling the MCU, dating back to their time in the Infinity Saga.

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Evans has a good track record of not giving away spoilers about his characters and the MCU in general. That said, it seemed appropriate that he was the one to call out his co-stars about letting a precious plot secret out. But whether this can not happen again, let’s see.

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