Ms. Marvel Actress Travina Springer’s Perspective On Her Character

With Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight now far in the rearview mirror, fans are diving into Iman Vellani’s fangirl superhero story, Kamala Khan, courtesy of Ms. Marvel.

Despite some initial controversy over the massive change to character power, the show appears to have overcome those obstacles with positive reactions across the board.

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It’s hard not to like this series, given Iman Vellani’s energy is contagious. Her love for Marvel in real life seems to be as strong as Kamala’s fandom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He even casually saddens Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige when it comes to events in the MCU — including Black Bolt’s brutal death in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

While the fourth episode of the show may already be airing, many may still be thinking about Episode 3. The installment features a massive Muslim wedding, which offers some groundbreaking representation, especially in the superhero genre.

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The lucky couple, Aamir and Tyesha, had a magnificent ceremony; not counting the Clandestine who came and messed things up. Now, based on The Direct has sat down with the actress behind the newest member of the Khan family to talk about her role in Ms. Marvel.

Travina Springer Talks to Tyesha

In an exclusive interview with Russ Milheim of The Direct, actress Ms. Marvel’s Travina Springer, who played Tyesha Hillman in the hit Disney+ series, opened up about her breakthrough role in the latest MCU project.

Coming to the world created by Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, how big of a fan is he? Springer admitted that “[he] was probably more than just a fan,” but after it became clear that he was going to be a part of it, he “started diving in and watching stuff:”

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So how did the actress learn about the role? Well, ironically he is also friends with Saagar Shaikh, who plays Kamala’s brother, Amir, in the series. He had contacted her and mentioned that she “had to audition for it:”

“I was probably more of a casual fan. I didn’t know as much about the MCU when I joined. I think honestly, I didn’t even know what I was auditioning for. And as it became clear that I was going to become a part of the series, I started diving in and watching stuff and catching up. I definitely watched Captain Marvel to get an idea of the tone and stuff. And it’s been amazing to really see how vast the world is. And how large the pool of fans are in how serious I mean, they’re for real. It’s definitely one of the more intense fan bases.”

“It’s really interesting, because the day that I got my audition material, Saagar [Shaikh], who plays Amir, who is a friend of mine, sent me a text message, and it was like, ‘hey, this characters came in. I think you should audition for it.’ And I was like, ‘I am, how do you know this? I got really paranoid because Marvel is—I had to sign like 10 NDAs just to get the material. I was like, ‘why do you even know this?’ He was like, ‘oh, I’m just paying attention.’ And I was like, ‘Alright, cool.’ So um, when I had to test, we were testing together, and I still had no idea. I didn’t get it. I was like, ‘oh, this is this is fun.’ It was nice… [Saagar] and I are [already] friends, so we had chemistry already.” 

Given how the installment ended, next week’s episode will definitely go one step further. The first four episodes of Ms. Marvel is now streaming on the Disney Plus streaming platform.

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