The Difference Between Bluetooth and Wireless

Today many people say that Bluetooth and Wireless technology are the same, but is it true? Indeed, the two technologies have the same features, namely data transfer. Even so, it turns out that these technologies still serve very different purposes.

Bluetooth and Wireless themselves have very different purposes mainly due to the factors of different times. As you know, previously Bluetooth has been around for a long time compared to Wireless, right? Well, this is primarily what makes the two technologies serve very different purposes.

The Difference Between Bluetooth and Wireless
The Difference Between Bluetooth and Wireless | Flyme Forum

Difference Bluetooth and Wireless

So, how are you curious about the difference between Bluetooth and Wireless? If so, let’s read the explanation below so that your knowledge will increase about today’s technology.

What is Bluetooth?

In short, Bluetooth itself is the same technology as Wireless which allows users to transfer or exchange data remotely. Bluetooth is usually used to exchange data from one device to another at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

For additional information, Bluetooth technology was previously introduced in 1994 by the Japanese telecommunications company, Ericson. They introduced this technology to be used as an alternative to the old and still wired device, namely RS-232.

What is Wireless?

As the name suggests, Wireless is a term used for devices that communicate via electromagnetic waves, such as radios, satellites, Wi-Fi, GPS, and others.

To make it easier for you to understand, in short this Wireless technology is a term that you use everyday. For example Wi-Fi, how can you get an internet network without plugging a cable from your smartphone to Wi-Fi? So, so you can get this because Wi-Fi emits electromagnetic waves that enter your smartphone.

Conclusion Between Bluetooth and Wireless

Basically Bluetooth and Wireless are the same thing. But what sets it apart is the era. As you know, in this current era, a lot of new technology is being developed, right? Well, while Bluetooth itself is a technology that has been around for a long time. That’s why Bluetooth and Wireless serve very different purposes.

Illustration Of Bluetooth And Wireless
Illustration of Bluetooth and Wireless | Google Images

So, what do you think about this article on the differences between Bluetooth and Wireless, it’s very easy to understand, right? If you want to ask questions about this article, just say it through the comments column!.

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