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Is This Really Rick & Morty Season 4.5 Return Date?

Rick & Morty Season 4.5 Trailer

In typical Rick and Morty fashion, that wait has stretched on with little hint when it will be ending.

Indeed, fans have extra reason to be frustrated this time around as season 4 got off to an amazing start, featuring some instant-classic moments including Rick’s darkest episode ever – which revolved around his private toilet – and a hilariously elaborate takedown of heist movies that may have featured the series’ most mind-bending plot acrobatics.

The first half of season 4 also included the returns of some beloved past characters, including the Meeseeks, Mr. Poopybutthole and Gearhead.

Is This Release Date Trailer Real?

If the new Rick and Morty season 4.5 trailer is indeed legit, the back half of season 4 will feature at least one more long-awaited character comeback.

The new clip just dropped by Adult Swim promises the show will return on May 3, 2020, though the fact that it appeared on April Fools Day is leading to some understandable skepticism. But after saw the above trailer, what do you think? Is that trailer legit? Or indeed just another April Fool jokes?

There may not be a ton of legitimate reveals in the clip, but the big one has to be a brief appearance by classic Rick and Morty character Snuffles, the Smiths’ pet dog who underwent accelerated evolution after receiving an IQ boost from Rick to help with his peeing problems.

Snuffles made his one and only appearance (outside of being shown in family pictures) in season 1 before leaving Earth to seek out others of his kind. By the clip, it appears Snuffles has indeed found a new planet filled with highly intelligent former pets, including cats in mechanical suits like his (and super intelligent cats and dogs apparently still don’t get along).

A Cruel Done Doing

Rick And Morty Season 4 Trailer
Rick And Morty Season | Inverse

As for the question of whether the trailer is legit or an April Fools joke, it’s most likely it is legit and the return date of May 3 is real.

Rick and Morty of course is known for pulling stunts on April Fools after it surprise released the first episode of season 3 on April 1, 2017, but dropping a fake trailer with a fake release date would be too cruel even for that show (and would frankly be a joke too lame for such a funny group of people).

But again what do you think guys? Is it legit or indeed just a lame prank?